1Ahsnaul Qawaidh- First Half (Level 1 & 2)Makharij (Page 134)Surah Fatiha, Surah Naas & Surah IkhlaasEating and Enetring Masjid (Page 115 & 116)Etiquettes of Eating and Drink (Page 110)1st & 2nd Kalimah (Page 21)Prophets name, Parent’s & Grandparent’s Name (Page 153)Islamic Months (6 months) (Page 240)
2Ahsnaul Qawaidh- Second Half (Level 3 & 4)Makharij (Page 134), Madd Aslee, Far’ee, Muttaseel, Munfaseel (Page 141)Al-Falaq, Al-Lahab, An-NasrSleeping, waking up, Sneezing, hearing good news, intending to do something, praising something (Page 116 & 117)Etiquettes of Toilet (Page 109), Sleeping & Masjid (Page 111)3rd, 4th & 5th Kalimah (Page 22 & 23)Son & Daughters Name (Page 153)Islamic Months (6 months) (Page 240)
3Juz Amma – Until Surah Al-Burooj (Level 5,6, 7 & 8)Makharij (Page 134), Gunnah Wajibah (Page 140), Rules of Qalqalah (Page 139), Itie’ala (Page 137)Al-Kafiroon, Al-Kawther, Al-Maoon, Al-Quraysh, Al-feelToilet (Page 116), Drinking water & Milk (Page 117), Thanking someone, looking at the mirror, when a loss occurs, Fed by host (Page 118), After wudhu (Page 36)Etiquettes of Qura’an (Page 109), Method of Wudhu (Page 36), Method of Salaah, Ta’awwuz, Tasmiyah, Tasbeeh of ruku, Tasmee, Tahmeed, Tasbeeh of Sajdah (Pages 55-59)Imaan Mujmal & Mufassal (Page 24)Birth & Childhood (Page 156)Hadith 1 & 2 (Pages 193 & 194)The Virtues of Ramadhan (Page 243)
4Juz Amma – Surah Inshiqaaq – Surah An-Nabaa (Level 9 & 10)Rule of the Letter ‘Raa’, Rule of the letter ‘Laam’ in the word Allah (Page 146)Al-Humazah, Al-Asar, At-Takathur,Al-Qaria’ahWhen meeting a Muslim, Replying to a Muslim, Seeing someone cheerful, Leaving the home, Enetring the home, Boarding, Travelling, Returning from journey (Pages 119-121)Name of Salaahs, Jumuah, Eid & Raka’ats (Page 69), Dua after wudhu (Page 36), Dua after Adhan (Page 47), Thana (Page 50), Tashahhud, Durood, Dua after Durood, Salaam, Dua after Salaam (Pages 55-61), Positions of Salaah (Page 54)RecapYouth, Building the Ka’bah, Adulthood, Marriage, Search of the Truth, Prophethood (Pages 157-159)Hadith 3 (Page 194)The Virtues of Moharram and Ashura (Page 240)
5Qura’an – Surah Al-Baqarah until Surah Al-Imraan (Level 11)Rules of Noon Saakin & Tanween and Meem Saakin (Page 140)Al-Adiyaat, Zilzaal,, Al-Bayyinah, Al QadrBidding farewell, wearing clothes, end of gathering, in difficulty, Safety from calamities, bodily pain, cure for illness (Pages 121-123)Faraidh of Ghusl, Faraidh of Wudhu, Sunnah of Wudhu, Nullifies of Wudhu (Pages 33-35), Timings of Salaah, Adhaan with meaning (Pages 47 & 48), Witr and Dua, Jumuah Salaah, Eid Salaah (Pages 62-64)Allah & Angels (Page 27)Preaching, Torture & Prosecution, Migration to Abysinnia, Boycott, Loss of two friends, Journey to Ta’if, Me’eraaj (Pages 160-163)Hadith 4 & 5 (Page 195 & 196)The Virtues of Shawwal
6AQura’an – Surah An-Nisaa -Al-Anfaal (Level 12)The Rules of Waqf (Page 143)Al-Alaq, At-Teen, Al-Inshirah, Ad-DuhaVisiting the sick, at time of death, Enetring the graveyeard, burying the dead, Fearing an enemy (Pages 123-124)Faraidh of Salaah, Waajibat of Salaah (Page 50), Mufsidaat of Salaah (Page 54), Janazah Thana, Janazah Dua, Dua for a boy, Dua for a girl (Pages 72-73)Books & Messenger (Page 28)Hijrah to Madinah, Arrival to Madinah, Masjid Nabawi, Treaty with Jews, Munafiqoon (Pages 165-169)Hadith 6, 7 & 8 (Pages 198-200)25 Names of Allah (Page 237), Beleifs about Eesa AS (Page 247)
6BQura’an – Surah At-Tawbah – Al-Kahf (Level 13Recap and RevisionAl-Layl, Ash-Shams, Al-BaladWhen the enemy sorrounds, Pay debts, something is lost, Increase of Knowledge, Enetering the market (Page 125-126)Traveller Salaah, Sajdah Sahw, Taraweeh, Sick person Salaah, Qadha Salaah (Page 65-67)RecapConquest of Makkah, Farewell Hajj, Final Sermon, Passing away (Page 180-186)Hadith 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Pagees 201-204)25 Names of Allah (Page 237)
7AQura’an – Surah Maryam – Yaseen (Level 14)Recap and RevisionAl-Fajar, Ayatul Kursi, First 5 verses and last 3 verses of Surah BaqarahSighting of New Moon, Dua for Morning & Evening, Talbiyah of Hajj, After seeing a bad dream, Istighfaar (Pages 126-128)Different types of nafeel Salaah, Sujdah Tilawah (Pages 68 & 69), Masbooq (Page 71), Method of Janazah Salaah (Page 63), Sawm (Page 80)Qiyamah, Taqdeer, Life after Death (Page 29)Events chart (only one page -Page 154)Hadith 13, 14, 15 & 16 (Page 205-208)25 Names of Allah (Page 237)
7BQura’an – Surah As-Saffat – till the end (level 15)Recap and RevisionFirst 12 verses and last 4 verses of Surah Kahf, First 12 verses of Surah YaseenRevision and Recap of all the duasHajj & Umrah (Page 90), Zakaah (Page 102), Fiqh Terminology (Page 239)Recap and RevisionsEvents chart (only one page -Page 154)Hadith 17, 18, 19 & 20 (Page 209- 212)24 Names of Allah (Page 237), The four Khalifah (Page 249)